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a healthy life is within reach

in-person + online

wellness coaching for

individuals, groups, schools, businesses & organizations

your uncommon senseis

certified coaches, healers & teachers

Women well-versed in all-things alternative, holistic & natural healing, your Uncommon Senseis are ready to dance with you toward your healthiest life. With educations from Ivy League & U.S. military schools + thousands of hours of holistic health training in complementary natural healthcare modalities, get ready for a wildly compassionate, entertaining ride toward you living your very best, ideal lifestyle.  

Uncommon Senseis

an uncommon place to heal

Choose to

Make a Change

Reset Your Nervous System

Set Healthy Goals

Adopt a Balanced Lifestyle

Personalize a Wellness Plan

Head Stand Pose

a new inversion series will launch this May with online support in between your sessions, click the link below to stay informed when it launches 

Wow what a practice! I had COVID really bad back in the winter and once I was recovered I needed something to help get my body and mind back in gear. Practicing with Brittany was exactly what I needed.

- David W.

After a private sound healing and reiki session with Sarah, it gave me a chance to go into such deep relaxation. The sound and vibration reached deep into the body. It cleared the mind, body, spirit. It is a uniquely amazing, deeply relaxing experience.

- Monica F.

Thank you for sharing yourself generously + transparently and providing a space for others to see possibility within themselves. Continue to shine your light brightly!  

- Carla H.


we also handcraft sacred wellness

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