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The USS website is currently being worked on and won’t be available for new client packages until mid-May 2023. Please set an alert to come back to sign up! Existing clients can sign up below for your sessions and new clients can sign up for their first sessions.


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Who Are We

What is Uncommon Sense Studio?

A local and virtual healing center for adults and children, U.S.T. specializes in eastern healing from the ancient east and is natural and complementary to all lifestyles. Chosen for its ability to personalize healing regimens based on each person’s unique body and its momentary state, U.S.S. consultations focus on two things: (1) getting to the root of what’s going on to eliminate the symptoms that are causing disturbance; and (2) empowering clients toward a conscious relationship with their body that respects and peacefully integrates your momentary needs. 

Ultimately, Uncommon Sense is a portal for you to claim your freedom and live your very best life.

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