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your 21-day transformation

Many of you watched Brittany this past summer as she rehabilitated her body after a major car accident, lost two pant sizes, and found herself back in the best shape of her life. Now she’s ready to guide you all through the same journey she took to realign her spine and tone her full body!


to conscious fitness

This series combines ancient alignment practices with modern science understanding so you not only look better every day after you work out, you feel healthier, more energized and more like your youngest self. 

booty works

realign your pelvic floor

It’s our soul mission to reconnect the world with the secrets of nature so we offer you this first set on u.s. Use all three of videos every day for 21-days and tag us on your social media @uncommonsensestudio as you watch your body transform.

conscious core

activate your deepest abs

The first video teaches you how to reset your body’s foundations for success as this one stabilizes your spine by activating your deepest abdominal muscles. It’s not easy work, but the results speak for themselves in looks and energy.

awesome arms

shoulders back to the back

When your shoulders and your upper back become friends again, both get stronger, more toned and overall effective. This five-minute workout realigns your shoulders with your upper back as your arms transform into beauty.

want it all? challenge launch 11/1

A full, virtual 21-day conscious fitness challenge with social support will be available to you on November 1st, presale on October 10th. Those who purchase in the first week will receive a $10 early bird discount with the coupon code "earlybird" though the social media support and community will not be ready until November 1st. This challenge comes with 20+ conscious fitness videos and three ways to follow them to transform your body back into its best alignment with luscious tone to boot. Join our mailing list to be alerted as soon as the program is available for presale.

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