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mission, vision & values

build an uncommon sense of natural wellness & ease in an increasingly synthetic, diseased world
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uncommon mission

In all realms of holistic healing two words come up - balance and center - alluding to the dynamic and ever-changing field of life experiences that we must command a sense of balance and center within. When life’s external stresses cause disease, disorder or dysfunction in our bodies, minds and lives, it's a natural signal that our personal command of balance and center are misaligned to us having a harmonious connection to the world around us. Simply put, something is off in how our body is moving, grooving and aligning with our lives and while we may or may not be focused on doing our best, somewhere we slipped up. This is a normal and natural part of life that must be owned in order to restore personal command of balance and center in our lives again. 

We offer ancient wisdom that realigns you peacefully with your body, mind and life. Practicing this wisdom naturally leads to increased health at all-levels of yourself as it realigns you with ancient, natural practices used to help bodies like yours for years. It is our mission to reconnect our modern, technological world with the art of ancient, natural health and well-being that needn’t be lost behind us just because we evolved.

uncommon vision

The moment is where the magic lives, aligning your sense of identity with your highest version of yourself. By surrendering the fears that your tortured, tattered and torn past self kept, yesterday’s limitations stay in the past as you build a brand new connection to your sense of self that isn’t tortured, tattered nor torn rather, at worst, living life sometimes ungracefully in the earth school of hard knocks. Doing this with ancient wisdom ensures you get wiser, shinier and more magical by day. 

uncommon values

Our values align with those of ancient peace.

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If you catch u.s. misaligned, call u.s. out.

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