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custom wellness for organizations

Uncommon Sense Studio specializes in custom wellness, curating a unique experience that fits in with your organization, culture and its present day needs for health, wellness, and stress relief. We love to both lead horses to water as well as to bring you all the purest, glacier-fed metaphorical water out there, depending on what brings your community peace today. Browse through our offerings and book a discovery call to learn how to receive the uncommon sense of wellness. 

Yoga Stretch

Mindfulness & Meditation

At this point mindfulness is a buzzword in business as countless studies prove how it decreases stress, mitigates burnout, improves communication and group collaboration, increases creativity and ultimately improves your entire businesses culture. Giving your people access to their mind in a way that relieves stress and offers them their best is our specialty, and we would love to bring this to you!

Energy Healing

Yoga & Conscious Movement

Every community benefits from extra peace and positivity to add a little pep to your group’s step. Just one hour of yoga or conscious movement goes a long way to add mindfulness while physiologically releasing your group’s stress levels. The latest research shows it saves your organization money in the long run by increasing your bottom line, so giving u.s. your money is practically free. Let’s make that deal together!

Singing Bowl Sound Healing
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Therapeutic Services

While it’s great to learn, sometimes you just want a treat! Therapeutic services with u.s. allow you to bring our treatments to your community. Whether you’re interested in reiki, sound healing, cupping, reflexology, restorative yoga, or realigning bodywork, therapeutic with u.s. allow you to book u.s. for the day for individual or group treatments where your people just get to show up and lie down.

Energy Healing

Wellness Days

Interested in a wellness day for your community? Perhaps a session of yoga, a guided sense meditation, nature walk, quick tai chi lesson, mindful craft, all capped off with a sound bath with ancient instruments that sound like heaven? No problem, we got you covered on all-of-the-above then some. Let u.s. be your one-stop-shop for community wellness!

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schedule a discovery call today

If you are interested in bringing u.s. into your business, organization or school, we are interested in figuring out just how we can offer more health, wellness and stress relief to your community. All you have to do to get started is schedule a 15-minute call with u.s. below to figure out how we can meet your needs.

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