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meet u.s.

certified cosmic consciousness creators

This page is filled with insight and anecdotes about Your Uncommon Senseis to help you get to know u.s. better. From fun, fabulous photos to candid, conscious videos to educational resumes, here you learn more about the coaches, healers and all-around all-stars that help you look good, feel good and live your very best life. 

A short & sweet simple summary: we are certified cosmic consciousness creators that are hellbent on delivering our most heavenly gifts to those in need of love, peace, and stress relief. We are dedicated reminders to everyone we work with that harmony is yours to curate, create and maintain through conscious, committed discipline to your own personal health & wellness. 

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brittany’s education:


B.S. in Business Administration
U.S. Air Force Academy +

Villanova School of Business

Brittany earned a Bachelor of Science with a dual major in Marketing and Management and a minor in International Business. She started at the U.S. Air Force Academy studying as a cadet and finished her schooling at Villanova’s notorious School of Business with honors. This knowledge helps Uncommon Sense look good, run smoothly and find our way to you! 


RYT500 Hatha + RYT200 Kundalini
American Yoga Academy + 

Aarsha Yoga Vidya Peetham +

Sri Yoga Ashram + Honor Yoga

Brittany left her business career after getting hit by a car as a pedestrian in 2012 to pursue yoga and alternative, natural healing. Since then she’s earned over 1000+ hours of certified yoga training in multiple specialties including: hatha yoga, kundalini yoga, and Ayurvedic yoga; vinyasa, power (*Kest) and restorative yoga; yoga exercise fusions (aerial yoga, yoga barre, yoga HIIT, yoga sculpt, etc.); as well as kids, youth and teen yoga. 


Certifications in Ayurveda, Aromatherapy, Astrology (Vedic), Life Coaching, NLP, PSYCH-K, Reiki, CPT, CYT, I-ACYT*, AT* (*training)

Brittany discovered alternative wellness as an extreme skeptic, which led to a lot of dabbling in diverse disciplines within the field to understand how they were helping her own and other’s bodies heal. Over the past decade, she’s acquired accredited certifications in a variety of holistic sciences, physical sciences and will continue to grow her expertise as her passion persists. 

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resiliency is key

Though your Uncommon Senseis are very different people, the key to what connects them is their dedication to building resiliency, within themselves and within you. The perfect combination of flexibility and strength, resiliency is defined as both elasticity - the ability to spring back into shape - and toughness - the capacity to withstand and recover quickly from difficulty.


All of our training constantly reminds us how important this balance is to heal - the body, mind and spirit. We are dedicated building resiliency in you through our approach and example. Foundations in ancient healing, our balanced yin-yang approach of the east helps you feel more aligned to the world inside and outside of you every session. 

sarah’s education:


B.S. in Human Development, M.S. in Human Resources, Cornell University

Sarah earned a Bachelor of Science with honors in Human Development, a combination of Psychology, Sociology, and Public Policies, and a Masters of Science in Human Resources from Cornell University. She spent the next 15 years in consulting organizations (from start-ups to non-profits to global corporations with over 100,000 employees). This experience helps Uncommon Sense treat you well and offer you what you need!  


RYT300 Vinyasa + RYT200 Hatha + RYT80 Restorative || 200HR Himalayan/Tibetan Bowls + 100HR Tuning Forks, Crystal Bowls, Shamanic + Gong || Reiki Master (Level I, II & II) & Certified Reiki Master Teacher in Usui Lineage

Sarah started practicing yoga over fifteen years ago while in an in-patient rehab, which led her into the realm of holistic healing from a fast-paced, stressful life in business. She received training from Asia and the U.S. She started teaching part-time in 2015 and left the corporate world in 2019 to further share her offerings. Since then she’s fallen deep into the world of holistic healing with master certifications in every field. 


Certifications in Trauma-informed Mindful Embodiment and Social-Emotional Somatic Education, True Body Project, Mental Health: Trauma & Addiction, Trauma-informed Leadership and Cross-cultural Immersion, Certified Peer Recovery Specialist (CPRS)*

Sarah's experience in recovery and as a trauma survivor led her deep into the healing properties of yoga, sound, and energy work. Sarah has received advanced training and experience in mental health, addictions, eating disorders, and trauma since then, becoming an expert in trauma sensitivity. Sarah enjoys guiding clients to better capacities to manage stress, trauma, and everyday life and her offerings demonstrate this in spades. 

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do you vibe?

If you haven’t already noticed, we are passionate about what we do and just can’t stop (won’t stop) diving deep into the rabbit holes of holistic health, alternative wellness, conscious living and all-around spirituality. As we do, we want to share the high vibes with you! The button below will guide you to our blog / vlog / podcast that’s formatted with more videos like the ones below that help you get to know u.s. better as you expand your consciousness.

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