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custom wellness

personal consultations, transformative series, events & more

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Tai Chi Training

Mindful Movement

Yoga (Hatha/Kundalini), Breath Work, Tai Chi, Chi Gong & Moving Meditation

Ashtanga Class

Conscious Fitness

Personal Training, Power Yoga (Kest Method), Yoga Fusions (Aerial, Barre, HIIT)

Laughing Portrait

Therapeutic Services

Yoga Therapy, Sound Healing, Reiki, Cupping, Reflexology + Foot Soak

Sitting Meditation

Spiritual Development

Yoga (Hatha/Kundalini), Meditation, Astrology, Tarot, & Life Coaching 

Cupping Treatment
Cupping Treatment

Basic 30

Our sessions come in 30, 60 and 90-minute durations, allowing you to customize your practice based on your goals, service preferences as well as your schedule. The basic session is 30-minutes and is a great way to try a new modality or maintain a budget with continued support.

Energy Healing

Standard 60

The most popular session is 60-minutes, allowing you to customize your own concoction of wellness services. This is a great way to experience a couple of our services at once or just go deeper into the modality you know works for you. Those with wellness plans or life coaches start here to build momentum on your journey, pairing wisdom with exercise.

Strong Woman
Singing Bowl Sound Healing
Singing Bowl Sound Healing

Premium 90

Premium sessions are 90-minutes and great for groups, gifts and those who are serious about their wellness. Groups thrive here either getting deep into a shared interest or just exploring the theme of wellness as diverse individuals. As gifts, this provides an opportunity to combine several services and dive deep into one’s personal well-being.

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Invigorating Winter Yoga: Hatha-Kundalini Infusion

A blend of hatha & kundalini yoga with Ayurveda, this six week set of classes is truly potent! Mixing vinyasa and bandhas with chakra awareness and dosha-balancing, come for 60-minutes of nonstop completed with gentle restoration.

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Restorative Yoga & Sense

A series for the overwhelmed and out-of-sorts, come to the studio for three weeks of restorative yoga paired with aromatherapy, light therapy and sound healing. Using props to align the spine in relaxing positions that help the body return to its maximum efficiency, all you have to do is show up to lie down.


Spiritual Warrior Series

This series is a three week introduction, practice and perfection of the spiritual warrior practice of Jivamukti - it's a full body, comprehensive set of poses that energizes the physical, grounds the mental and centers awareness on the subtly of soul. 

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