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Uncommon Sense Studio offers custom curated wellness coaching and consultations to individuals and organizations, in-studio or out, all days of the week. 

mindful menu

yoga & meditation

With decades of diverse training in the ancient mindfulness practices of yoga and meditation, we offer you peaceful practices in both movement and stillness that align you with balanced nerves and peaceful vibes.

Research on Benefits of:

Yoga, Meditation, Breath Work 

sound healing

The vibrational healing of sound restores balance to your nervous system on a cellular level. Combining handmade bowls, forks, gongs & instruments, we heal you with our knowledge of balanced vibrations.

Research on Benefits of:

Singing Bowls, Music Therapy, Sound

wellness consultation

For those more novice in their wellness journey as well as those rehabilitating after illness or injury, creating a custom wellness plan with u.s. allows you to mix and match our services into a custom plan aligned with your personal wellness goals. 

Research on Benefits of:

Individual Wellness, Corporate R.O.I.

birth chart reading

For those interested in astrology, we offer Vedic birth chart readings with remedial insight derived from the exploration of your unique chart. This is a great offering for a spiritual adept interested in feeling more aligned and embodied in your life. 

Research on Benefits of:

Astrology, Belief


Yogic practices require your participation while our master level reiki lets us do some work for you. When we offer you reiki, you simply relax as we reconnect your body with universal energy to heal. 

Research on Benefits of:

Reiki, Energy Work

cupping & gua sha

A great way to release tension, reduce pain and increase blood flow, this service helps you feel more stress-free energy while it helps us deepen our energy work practices with you. A great complement to all practices.

Research on Benefits of:

Cupping, Gua Sha

life coaching (with Ayurveda)

Combining life coaching with the life science of Ayurveda, increase the health and harmony of your life as you achieve your greatest goals. We create step-by-step plans together that align your passion with the practical plans you’ve waited for. 

Research on Benefits of:

Life Coaching, Who Benefits

intuitive card reading

For those interested in tarot and oracles, we offer intuitive card readings with a selection of over 100 decks to choose from. This is a great way for a spiritual adept to align with a higher sense oneness as well as deepen her or his intuition. 

Research on Benefits of:

Tarot, Oracle Accuracy

Yoga Class

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custom wellness

For individuals and small groups, we offer 60 & 90-minute sessions that combine one or more of our services either in our studio or from the comforts of your own home. Whether you’re interested in a single session or to start a plan with u.s., click below to head to our custom wellness portal. 

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