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Welcome to USS

aroma that is therapy

We pride ourselves on creating aromatherapy that's actually therapeutic - designed to vibrationally deliver you the transformation that's promised. Our lower chakra oils are thick because they're grounding - and we know because they're handmade and take their jolly ole time transferring from bottle to roller or spray, unlike their thin, high frequency, upper chakra counterparts. Below we teach you how to make the most of your new blends because we really want you to find peace with them.

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smell it like you mean it

how to use your nose

Sounds like common sense, right? Wrong. Modern people use their nose for all the wrong reasons because most people want to make sense of the world more than want to sense it. This video helps you smell in a way that awakens your heart of intuition and quiets your mind of judgment. 

awaken your sense of smell

"acupressure" points for yogis

In the Vedic system of medicine, there are 108 marma points used in Ayurvedic massage to clear stuck energy. Different points help you balance and center different chakras. This video helps you awaken up your sense of smell. 

activate your marma points

a full chakra awakening

Designed for healers but functional for anyone, this video guides you on how to use the Uncommon Scents chakra-balancing blends with the marma points of Ayurveda for deep healing. A tantric practice, prepare for emotional release. 

aromatherapy meditation

practice what you've learned

In this video, Brittany guides you through a quick minute meditation with a roller of your choosing to help you deepen the energetic transformation of the oil. Grab your oil, find a comfortable seat and get ready to transform your vibe.

become a zen blend friend

Did you know that we have an Uncommon Scents subscription where we send subscribers exclusive scents that will never be released to the public at large? While we only sell aromatherapy that we design alongside the chakra system, we create all kinds of natural healing blends for our business partners and clients. Subscribe to our Uncommon Scents monthly mailer and receive a new zen blend every month that combines 3-5 organic essential oils into one Uncommon Scent that offers you a new mood each month. As we grow our business, the transformations keep growing with u.s., and we would love to send you aromatherapy that no common folk will ever receive. 

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