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here you'll find a growing library of challenges that align with our services:

mindful movement, conscious fitness, therapeutic services and spiritual growth

Conscious Fitness


Mindful Movement

Spiritual Growth

15-minutes per day, 21 days

Available November 2023

<20-minutes per day, 21 days

Available December 2023

15-minutes per day, 21 days

Available January 2024

<20-minutes per day, 21 days

Available December 2023

Your Uncommon Senseis created you four amazing conscious living programs to improve your overall well-being balance. Utilizing our expert understanding of the most potent ancient practices for alignment and energy control, this four-part series transforms your body to better manage life - in body and mind - as you watch it happen. Designed to be utilized in 21-day cycles, they’re created with scientific insight for breaking harmful habits & forming new ones


They have all been tested with successful results, and while we figure out how to integrate these programs into the main stream, you have access to them

Conscious Core.png

conscious glutei looks like

conscious core looks like

conscious shoulders looks like

21-day conscious fitness transformation

No available programs

custom conscious fitness

  • 30 min

    65 US dollars

These programs are an amazing way to look great and feel even better, but don't work for those who need a little bit more 1-on-1 motivation and attention. That's where private consultations come in! We already showed you that you don't need to spend a wild amount of time on your fitness to see results; however you do need to show up and do the work. We can help! Uncommon Sense "basic 30" consultations focus on delivering you the results you seek in just 30-minute increments, available in-person and online with Zoom or Google Hangouts. Whether you'd like help getting ready for our programs or with something else entirely, we would love to work with you. 

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