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Thank you for purchasing a mala from Uncommon Sense Studio! Here we offer you a couple mala meditations to get you started using your beautiful meditation garland. Our meditations are created using our half and full malas. If you purchased a bracelet or key chain, continue through the meditation videos until you fulfill the intention you set on your guru pendants. 


japa mala (half mala)

meditate with “om"

OM is thought to be the primordial vibration that started the Universe as we know it. Meditating with this mantra helps you feel more one with the world, just as it is. In this video Sarah reminds you how to meditate with your mala. 

prana mala (half mala)

meditate with belly breathing

This beginner’s prana mala meditation teaches you the most important breath work technique for stress relief and overall peace of mind: diaphragmatic breathing. With just 54-belly breaths you will feel reinvigorated as your nerves are reset. 

japa mala meditation

with om mani padme hum

This full mala meditation offers you a widely used Buddhist mantra for happiness, in this life and those to come. Helping you transcend the delusion of suffering, this powerful mantra is a quick & easy meditation to lift your spirits. 

prana mala meditation

with the complete breath

Called durga pranayama in the yogic tradition, this breath work practice is both energizing and soothing to the nervous system. Breathing into the diaphragm and full lengths, this half mala meditation will purify your energy levels. 

want more from u.s.?

While we are dedicated to adding more free content as it serves the studio’s growth and our practitioners transformations, it helps u.s. greatly when you show your support financially and purchase our content. Below we will list $5 mala meditation videos that you will only find available here and once you buy them, they’re yours forever. Keep coming back to find more!

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