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yoga & meditation: why?

Does your energy align with your workload? Do your thoughts align with your intentions? Do your habits align with your goals? Does your body feel present in your life? Could five minutes of meditation or yoga everyday get you to all yeses? Let’s talk about it, shall we...

Humaning in 2023 is a wild ride between life, work, play and the distractions that keep us in an addictive mind loop away from everything. We spend most of our time doing who-knows-what on our phones: numbing over with news, browsing click bait, diving down rabbit holes, acquiring insight on friends, or perhaps even buying a ticket for the paranoia rollercoaster of playing Doctor Google.

While mindfulness practices like yoga and meditation won’t cure much in one night, adding them to your daily life will help moderate your energy, center your thoughts and become more present to make decisions that align with your goals and intentions. Both practices build spiritual awareness - an ability to observe your body and how you experience it - which adds depth and dimensionality to your perspective (that's center on your goals). In yoga, you practice this conquering a difficult posture, maintaining a soothing pace in your flow, and intentionally tempering how you activate the body for more flexibility, strength or balance. Meditation calms and expands your mind as the multifaceted nature of stillness continues to unveil a greater sense of relaxation available within.

Becoming more effective and efficient in how you breathe, move and relax provides the foundation for life to simplify itself. When we are anxiously moving about in the moment, we don’t see how much time we waste looking for our phone, keys, wallet or watch. When we are agitated in the moment, we don’t see how much many disruptions we add to our environments or relationships. When we are exhausted or emotionally low, we don’t see how much beauty we miss. Becoming more present allows us to maximize our life experience as we feel centered more often within it.

Yoga and meditation get watered down so quickly into stress reduction techniques, sometimes we forget that habitual small doses help us show up for life more effectively and efficiently. Studies prove that 5-minutes of daily meditation and short devotional yoga sessions both add these benefits into your lives... but only if you stay disciplined! If you’re wondering what to do next, follow this up with a little sleuthing around the web - find a short meditation or yoga practice you want to start with and commit to it everyday at the same time for one week (add it to your calendar).

While we encourage our students to have diverse practices, here’s some of ours for those who haven’t mastered the art of the cyber sleuth:


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