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Uncommon Sense for Kids & Young Adults

Uncommon Sense Studio loves to work with tiny and growing humans to feel more aware, joyful and understanding in their evolving bodies. While personal sessions are booked in the same increments as adults, below you'll also find classes and camps for youth throughout the year to help your child stay centered and well. 

Class, Camp & Custom Yoga

Most of you parents willfully admit that it takes a village to raise your kid right, and Uncommon Sense Studio wants to keep being part of your village! Part of the Uncommon Mission is to help your child claim their free will to be the best, most authentic version of themselves. Utilizing ancient wisdom that helps them keep calm and carry on in their own heart's, Uncommon Youth learn yoga on their mats that they're able to adapt on our aerial silks, balance boards, inversion tables, and more!


Offerings are constantly changing so if you don't see classes for your kid yet, keep checking in... 

Spring Classes (by Series)

Click on the thumbnails below to learn more about each of the series or the "Book Now" button to purchase. For Tweens and Youth classes, get discounts by signing up for a 5 Class Pass. 

Personal Practices for Youth

If your youth could use some extra support, 1-on-1 sessions with U.S.S. are a great way to help build body awareness, create a toolkit to manage difficult emotions, and keep their bodies safe and healthy as they are claiming their independence in the world. Click on the thumbnails below to learn all of the services available to your child in their personal practices, of course with your approval! 

Youth Summer Camps

Uncommon Sense Studio has offered 1-on-1 and group mindfulness and healing practices for kids since 2014 and is ready to advance your child! Over the years, we've worked with youth in so many ways to help them balance the stress of life in mind, body and soul. U.S.S. helps children who struggle with anxiety, attention and energy levels find internal peace as we adapt ancient advice and alternative healing modalities to their unique bodies. Athletes and youth with injuries also come to U.S.S. to complement their training and healing with potent practices that can't be found elsewhere.

Offered in 30, 60 and 90-minute increments, click service images to learn more

What Our Clients Say

Couples Aerial Yoga Class

Uncommon Yogi for 7+ Years

Brittany is absolutely THE best when it comes to working with kiddos. My own daughter, now 12, has been practicing with her for several years now and we adore her spirit, positivity, and guidance. I know that with Brittany guiding her, my kiddo is getting the skills needed to help her move through this crazy world in a centered way full of light and gratitude. Any parent would be hard pressed to find someone better!

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